Life Has Other Plans

Sometimes, bad things happen in our lives. Sometimes they’re just bad things, bad luck, difficult circumstances. I’m a full believer, however, that sometimes we’re put in these difficult spaces because it’s time for us to change and we need a push to get us there. That on occasion the universe or God or whatever you believe in gives you a push, a difficult situation, in order to force you to move out of a place you no longer belong and into a space you are hesitant to occupy. When you get one of these pushes, it may not be recognized at first. Afterall, all negative situations seem the same at first. But I got a push from the universe recently, and every since I accepted it and let it shove me out of my comfort zone doors have been opening. Continue reading “Life Has Other Plans”


The Cycles of Female Athletes

Hey ya’ll! Back with another installment of Nationals Prep 2017. This week’s post is about a struggle that faces female athletes, but that doesn’t mean my male readers can’t benefit from it. We’re going to be discussing how a woman’s menstrual cycle can affect her training cycle, and some ways to program for that. Continue reading “The Cycles of Female Athletes”

Welcome to Nationals Prep |2017

Hey ya’ll! It’s that time of year again when I start my prep for USAPL Raw Nationals, although if I’m being honest I’ve been preparing for this training cycle since about a month after last year’s competition. Over these past 9 months I have worked primarily on dropping into the 57kg weight class, and am happy to say that I am getting closer every week and am only about ¾-1kg up. Normally, I’m happy to be in this position a week or two out, so being so light with still 12 weeks to go means my mental focus is now shifting to lifting. I also took the past months to re-establish myself, my life, and my goals. Continue reading “Welcome to Nationals Prep |2017”

I’m Competing Again!

So so sorry guys! Could’ve sworn I posted this last weekend… But I guess what counts is that I’m getting it posted period. Anyway, yes you read that right! I’m (finally) getting back on a platform and back into a training cycle after so many months of having a pity party and being injured and being sick. I mailed in the registration. April 8th in New Hope, PA I will be competing at PA State Champs. I will have goals for weight, PRs, and wilks. But this isn’t about all that. This is about how I set up a training cycle, and the first post in the States Prep 2017 series. Continue reading “I’m Competing Again!”